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Welcome to the Barret Oliver Fanpage. This site is dedicated Barret Oliver and all his fans out there.
I would like to say big thank you to all of you have given me a great help. These credits especially go out to California man, Daniel, Tazzy, Marcos, Bob and etc. Please bookmark this page and come back to visit again

Latest Updates

  • 3/10/00 : First launched of this site!
  • 11/5/01 : Gallery, Links & Mutimedia pages being put up.

    * Attention Please *
    Barret Oliver is my favourite actor. He is very talented and cute that I decided to show my
    appreciation and support for him by putting up this site.
    As I promise, this site is finally all up now in May, I hope you like it. Please feel free to leave your messages/comments in the guestbook, whether good or bad. You are welcome to email me anytime, I would like to be friends with all of your out there. Till then, god bless...

    Little facts...
    Name : Barret Oliver
    Date of Birth : Friday, August 24th, 1973
    Place of Birth : Los Angeles, CA
    Race : Caucasian
    Eye Colour : Brown
    Hair : Brown
    Past Job : Actor

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